1×01 Introductions and Trinity Without Hierarchy

Welcome to our launch episode of Planet Theology. In this episode we give a bit of an introduction to ourselves and what we are thinking about, before discussing psychology and religion and then Trinity Without Hierarchy.

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1x01 Introductions and Trinity Without Hierarchy

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  1. Richard Blakesley

    Thanks for the discussion. I am no expert on the trinity but would characterise my view as mutual subordinationism. That is what we see in the economic trinity really is an expression of the eternal trinity, in fact a true reflection of the nature of God. However, this does not imply the son is the only one who is subordinate, rather mutual subordination is hard wired into the nature of God. You could therefore speak of the father being subordinate to the son.
    Is this a view held by others today or in history?
    How orthodox would you see it as being?

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